Voice Lessons

Singing lessons are not just for opera singers! There are many singing genres, and Rachel, as a music teacher, strives to understand the goals of each student to cater their voice lessons to meet those goals. Whether you just want to gain enough skill to be confident in singing in crowds (ie, "Happy Birthday" or "Auld Lang Syne"), or to improve your already stellar singing voice, Rachel is trained to get you to your goals!

We offer opportunities to perform throughout the year, including two recitals and a summertime open mic where voice students have the opportunity to perform their own compositions and to showcase other talents, as well as their accomplishments from their singing lessons.

In your music lessons, you will learn to sing using the exercises and techniques to eliminate many common mistakes made by singers who don’t have singing teachers or vocal coaches. After only a month of regular practice, almost all students will see improvement in intonation (singing on key/pitch), tone, control, and power in your voice—much like the results one would see with an exercise regimen. You don’t have to be a body builder to appreciate that!

For more information on our studio or singing tuition, or to schedule a trial lesson, please call us at 816-305-5320, or you can email us from our Contact page.